We are a group of scientists that have joined efforts to develop an independent report on the environmental impact caused by the disaster in Mariana/MG

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Please check below the set of instructions that better suit your area of interest:

Collection of field samples

Collection of water samples, sediment samples, data on local fauna and flora, and more

Other field support

Lodging support, logistic support, news from affected areas, and other field support

Compilation of information and published data

Reports, environmental impact studies, review of scientific literature and related activities

Lab analysis

Water quality, polluting compounds, heavy metals, ecotoxicity, isotopes and other analyses

Independent group for environmental impact evaluation

Independent science, transparent science, citizen science!

The Independent Group for Environmental Impact Evaluation (GIAIA - Grupo Independente de Avaliação do Impacto Ambiental) is a citizen-science group created through social media with the aim of working on a collaborative analysis of the environmental impact resulting from the burst of a dam at an iron ore mine in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Our group was born in the midst of a controversy. The initial information released on the toxicity of the mudflow running through the basin of the Rio Doce was conflicting. Besides, the attitude of the public institutions was shy at first. That’s when we decided to form an independent group of researchers to carry out an environmental evaluation apart from any political and financial interests.
We believe that science, and the environmental impact reports, should be fully transparent, with data and analyses freely available. All citizens should have free access to all data and analyses performed.
The involvement of local communities in the scientific activities is crucial in expanding the data collection efforts. This would amplify, disseminate and add value to the resulting scientific knowledge, empowering all the people involved, and also promoting critical thinking and providing input for further political debate based on the unfolding consequences of this environmental disaster.

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Our thank you to all who contributed to our crowd-funding. (English version coming soon)

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Our team

Alexandre Camargo Martensen
Bianca Pavan
Dante Pavan
Dino Xavier Zammataro
Fábio Comim
Renato Gaban Lima
Rominy Stefani
Viviane Schuch

Management team
Bianca Pavan
Dante Pavan
Dino Xavier Zammataro
Fábio Comim
Flávia Botino
Renato Gaban Lima
Viviane Schuch

Technical-scientific advisors
André Cordeiro Alves dos Santos
Denis Abessa
Fernando d’Horta
Sandro Von Matter
Vivian Santos

Dino Xavier Zammataro
Fábio Comin
Viviane Schuch

Flávia Bottino
Dante Pavan
Viviane Schuch

Célia Musilli
Clarissa de Aquino
Guilherme Gaspar
Lucas Oliveira

Graphic design
Valentina Fraiz

Márcia Triunfol
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